Thursday, July 17, 2008

Diva Darlene Duster DVD update!

from the insert, "Dusting can be fun?? Tapes can create? Stamp along with the Queen of Quick and Easy as she shows you step by step how to create using Color Duster brushes and Eclipse masking tape. In just a few easy steps you can become a duster expert, a tape transformer. Watch and see how you can add new dimension to ATCs, greeting cards, scrapbooks, altered books, journals and gifts. It is easy effective and entertaining."

As promised - Darlene Domel - the darling of the dusters - has sent me an exclusive preview (dvd insert) of her upcoming "Color Conversations with Darlene Domel" instructional DVD. If you have taken her classes or seen her live demonstrations in the Stampland booth- she makes sophisticated stamping fast, fun and fabulous. As soon as the dvd's and price information becomes available - I will let everyone in on all the details.
.......Congratulations to Stampland, Picasso and Darlene!


Couture de Papier said...

Hi neighbor interesting technique!
Love your blog and stamps!
Denise Hull,Mass.

cuteartworld said...

Thank you so much my friend I have added your link to my friends as well!