Friday, January 9, 2009

MACM - Button Heart Valentine's Day Card

I think this is a great card idea ~ especially after the holidays. I always end up with a box of those little "extra button" envelopes - mostly white and clear - which would look great on red, pink or purple cardstock. I do think you could send it through the mail - however, I would wrap it in tissue/bubble wrap and send in a padded envelope. More like a little gift? You could rubber stamp a heart in a darker or contrasting ink and mount the buttons on top - eliminating the need to sketch your heart or erase pencil marks (that would drive me nuts).

Do a miniature version of this and make a beautiful gift tag with tiny white dress shirt buttons (raid your husband's closet and remove the extras from the lower inside front tail of his shirt ~ the price is right and tucking the shirt in will be less bulky!).

Or if you've been really ambitious and have cleaned your closet to make room for the new things received over the holidays ~ some of those "throw away" items of clothing probably have some great buttons on them!

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